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Breast Lift Surgery Testimonials

Real patients of Dr. Corbin

First of all I never thought I would ever have any plastic surgery ever! But boy am I glad I did! Dr. Frederic Corbin’s office was and is the best! From day one the staff, front office and back office were outstanding. They were there for me every step of the way.

They answered the whys, ways and everything in between was answered and even when I had a question that I already asked they replied with a patient smile and answered me again.

The day of my surgery went so smoothly and without any uncomfortable situations. The anesthesiologist, Dr. Payne was also great talking with me before he put me to sleep for surgery. I was so relaxed and the next thing I knew I was walking up in the recovery room and my surgery was over. Amazing.

Dr. Corbin and his nurses are an asset to the medical profession. When I woke up in recovery, the nurses and his staff reassured me and made my day by telling me how beautiful I looked and how well my surgery went. They told me I looked great and they didn’t lie!

I would do plastic surgery over again a thousand times and would only have Dr. Corbin as my surgeon. I am very lucky that my plastic surgery was elective. If I have the money in the future I want to have other surgery. If I ever move out of state I’d still come back to Dr. Corbin.

I respect Dr. Corbin so much. He loves his profession and his patients. I asked him why he chose to be a plastic surgeon and he said, “Because I can help people and also be creative” For me that says everything He really cares that his patients are happy, safe and look good. So I guess this is why Dr. Corbin is,”The Very Best”

Thank you Dr. Corbin and staff, you guys rock!


My Name is Toni A., I've always thought about having breast augmentation surgery. Ever since High School it was all I could think about. Years later I was referred to Dr. Corbin by another physician I worked for. At my consultation, right away I felt comfortable with Dr. Corbin and his staff. Everyone helped educate me in what type of breast surgery was best for me. I choose to have my breast implants put in through the axillary, which is hidden in the armpit. My scars are completely healed and you can not see them at all. They are invisible!!

After the breast augmentation surgery my healing process was phenomenal! Words cannot explain how easy this was for me to do. I am just very thankful for the work and expertise of Dr. Corbin. I sent my best friend to him and she also had an amazing experience and looks great! Another reason I considered Dr. Corbin to do my breasts is because of the work he does on poor children around the world. His charitable work is also a beautiful testimony of who he is as a person. He is very caring and not just a plastic surgeon for the money or fame. All I can say is choose Dr. Corbin. He is the Best!! Dr. Corbin is the breast expert!

I like the quality work and the professionalism of Dr. Corbin. I originally had my breasts done somewhere else and I was unhappy with the outcome. I was referred to Dr. Corbin and he recommended a two stage breast surgery for the best result. I trusted Dr. Corbin and his staff. I felt so comfortable to have my surgery with him. Finally, I have the breasts I love. I would recommend Dr. Corbin to anybody. Thank you for the excellent care and beautiful breasts.


I have always dreamed of having a voluptuous body. Being so petite, I was always told that I look like a little girl. Having my breasts augmented was a far fetched dream for me. I had three other consultations prior to meeting Dr. Corbin. Until I saw Dr. Corbin I was totally confused because I had different options from the other Dr.'s. I was nervous to make the right choice. When I first found Dr. Corbin's website I felt an instant connection. When I went for my consultation his staff answered all my questions and made me feel like family. They were fabulous! My Breast augmentation was unbelievably easy. Three days of recovery time and I came out a new woman with beautiful breasts! I am very happy with my results. My breasts are beautiful and soft. My husband thinks I am HOT! It is nice to feel sexy in front of my husband. He is so pleased with my new sexy body. Since my breast implant surgery my confidence has hit a record high.

Dr. Corbin, Marilyn, Dee, Meredith and staff thank you so much for your warmth and kindness. You changed my life. You truly are the breast experts

I was referred to Dr. Corbin through my cousin. She is also a patient of Dr. Corbin’s and was very pleased with her surgery results and had a great experience with his office so he came highly recommended. Two years ago I had a consultation and had decided to proceed with my surgery. I felt totally comfortable with Dr. Corbin and his staff. Dee and Corinne were so helpful. They always answered all my questions and eased my worries. I was a couple of days away from my pre op when I found out I was pregnant. I had two sons already and wasn’t expecting to have any more children. I was so surprised! Dee so understood, she reassured me everything was going to work out for the best and they would be there for me when I was ready to resume.

I waited until my daughter was 9 months old before I was ready to go back to Dr. Corbin’s office to finish what I started. Dee was there and welcomed me back.Everything went so smoothly and just fell into place. I was so happy with my results. Most importantly, my breasts look and feel so natural and soft. This was one of my main concerns. Dr. Corbin did an amazing job! He has an eye for beauty and magical hands! He saw things about my breasts I didn’t even notice and corrected them with surgery. I am very impressed with my results. Having three kids and breastfed all of them for months each had really changed my appearance, but now my breasts look wonderful and I feel so much better about myself.

I never hesitate when someone asks me who my surgeon was. I want more women to feel the way I do about their results and experience. Thank you Dr. Corbin.

P.S. To Dee, Corinne, Meredith and Marilyn, My heartfelt gratitude to you guys for being so supportive, helpful and comforting when I had questions and concerns.


Dear Dr. Corbin, Corinne, Alice, Becky, Mamey, and Robin:

I wanted to write to all of you to say "Thank you". You have made me feel so comfortable and welcome since day one and have never made me feel like just a patient with a number. I am very happy with my results and Dr. Corbin, you do great work!

You are all so wonderful and a great team!

Take care, and I will see you soon!


Dear Dr. Corbin, Corinne, Alice, Becky, Mamey, and Robin:

I wanted to write to all of you to say "Thank you". You have made me feel so comfortable and welcome since day one and have never made me feel like just a patient with a number. I am very happy with my results and Dr. Corbin, you do great work!

You are all so wonderful and a great team!

Take care, and I will see you soon!


Hi, my name is Julie Reed. I want to tell you my story about breast reduction surgery.

For years I have wanted to have my breasts reduced in size and weight. The women in my family all have large breasts. At 5 tall and a 36 DD, I felt uncomfortable, awkward, and unsightly. I have what is commonly referred to as large pendulous breasts, have ruts in my shoulders and experienced aches and pains in my shoulders.

I like to be an active participant in life. My activities include step-aerobics, yoga, kayaking, and gardening. My breasts were in the way. Two things my mother said, I've learned to live with it and if I were younger I would do it. These statements propelled me to make the decision to have the surgery.

Through a series of referrals I came to Dr. Corbin's office. The minute I walked through the door, I felt I was in the right place. The staff is knowledgeable, efficient, and will do what they can to accommodate your needs.

Dr. Corbin's surgery is different than most plastic surgeons that use the traditional anchor cut. Dr. Corbin makes his incision around the areola and then makes another spar incision downward. This type of surgery leaves less visible scarring.

It was also explained to me that in addition to having my breasts reduced, they would also be lifted. I was shown pictures of women who had had their breasts reduced by other surgeons, yet they still were left hanging.

The surgery is done on-site in Dr. Corbin's certified surgical center, which takes approximately 4 hours. You can go home the same day with a loved one to take care of you.

I have experienced little pain and it has been close to two weeks now. I do not feel awkward or uncomfortable anymore. I feel sexy and vital. Co-workers have told me that they immediately noticed a change in my posture. I stand a little bit taller!

I can't say enough about how well Dr. Corbin and his staff have treated me and how pleased I am with the results.

Mrs. Julie Reed

To: Dr Frederic Corbin,

All my life I felt as if I was carrying the load for two people, my breasts being size 38 DD and me being 4"11. My shoulders and back ached continually. I knew that a breast reduction surgery would help, but I had no idea just how much it would help.

Since having surgery in December, 2001, I am pain free and have no discomfort resulting from the spair surgery. It has been a blessing and a very large relief to be free of pain, have minimal scarring and as an additional bonus, to be able to wear blouses, sweaters and dresses that I don't have to buy too large in order to accommodate the size of my breasts.

My outlook on life had changed and everything around me has changed, actually improved since now I feel like the person that I always thought I was.

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did. I love my new look.

Sincerely, Tomasita T.


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