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Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy)

Breast lift surgery, or mastopexy surgery, can restore your breasts to firmer, perkier more youthful looking breasts. With breast lift surgery, the nipples and areolas are moved to a higher location on the breast mound. The underlying breast tissue is tightened and droopy loose breast skin is excised. Depending on your desires, the nipple areolars may also be reduced at the same time as your breast lift.

At Dr. Corbin’s office there are many breast surgery options to give you the prettiest breasts. Dr. Corbin can perform any type of breast lift. He generally evaluates your individual anatomy and surgery goals to determine which breast lift will give you the patient the best results.

Dr. Corbin performs crescent lifts, Binelli breast lifts, circum areolar breast lifts, Lajour breast lifts, Spair breast lifts or inverted T breast lifts. After evaluating your needs Dr. Corbin tries to suggest a plastic surgery procedure that will give each patient maximum lift with minimal scarring.

If a woman’s breasts are very droopy and the nipples are at or below the breast crease it is very likely they would benefit from a circum vertical breast lift. The saggier the breasts and the lower the location of the nipple or nipples the more detailed the breast lift should be.

Not all Surgeons perform the many different breast lift techniques. Beware of “the too good to be true” surgery options. The majority of the breast lift revisions we correct from other surgeons work is usually due to the patient needing a major breast lift and the surgeon only performed a minor breast lift procedure to try and correct the breast ptosis. Remember, minimal breast lift = minimal results.

For example, a patient who has droopy breasts with nipples at or below the breast crease would not benefit greatly from a crescent lift (A lift with the incision only at the top of the nipple) .If a crescent breast lift is performed on this type of patient with a lot of excess skin , minimal to no breast lift can be expected and because the incision is at the top of the nipple areolar only, generally the nipple will be pulled up slightly and the weight of the breasts can cause the nipples to be misshapen and or to become enlarged, elongated and stretched out.

A better candidate for the crescent lift is a patient who has nipples at different heights and needs a slight lift on one nipple to match the other nipple height or a patient who would benefit from a slight nipple lift on both sides. Sometimes women who have had pregnancies and or breast fed have pseudo ptosis where there is a lot of extra skin, less breast tissue and nipples that sit above the breast crease. These women may also be good candidates for crescent breast lifts with breast augmentations to restore fullness to the breast and give them a more youthful appearance.

  Patient Beware

  • Breast implants alone without a breast lift do not lift  droopy breasts
  • There is no such surgery as a scar less breast lift
  • Going with larger breast implants will give you a larger version of whatever your current breast shape is
  • Breast implants alone will not lift the nipples
  • Revision surgery to correct past surgical results is difficult and more expensive than the initial surgery so chose a very experienced surgeon who performs all the different types of breast lift surgeries
  • Beware of the cheapest price because when it comes to safety and quality you deserve the best
  • If a surgeon performs the same breast lift on all his patients get a second opinion to make sure there is not a better surgery for your individual needs

The basics on how breast surgery is performed
When you want to lift your breasts, there are a few options. The type of breast lift surgery that will give you the best result will determine where the scars will be placed on your breasts.  Incisions are made to sculpt the new breast shape and position and to raise the nipple/areola complex. Incision patterns may include one or more of the following:

  • Crescent mastopexy – an incision is placed at the top of the nipple areolar
  • Circum vertical mastopexy - around the nipple and down vertically to the breast crease
  • Binelli mastopexy - Around the nipple areola only
  • Lajour mastopexy - around the nipple and down vertically to the breast crease
  • Inverted T mastopexy – The oldest of the breast lift procedures which places the incisions around the nipple areolars, vertically down the breast and also horizontally in the breast crease

The mastopexy technique Dr. Corbin will recommend for your breast lift will be based on your breast size and the size and location of your nipple/areola complex. In evaluating your surgical needs Dr. Corbin looks at the degree of your breast ptosis (sagging), the elasticity of your skin, and the amount of excess skin that he plans to remove.

The new shape and position of your lifted breasts will be visible immediately after surgery; however the new improved breast shape settles a bit over time. Breast lift surgery is the only permanent way to restore a youthful shape to the breasts. As you age, your breasts too will be affected by gravity, but they will always look more youthful after a breast lift procedure even over time.

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For the safety of our patients Dr. Corbin only uses Board certified Medical Doctors to perform anesthesia for breast lift surgery. For the comfort of his patients, Our M.D. anesthesiologists use general anesthesia.

Location of breast surgery

Breast lifts surgery in most cases is performed on an outpatient basis. Surgery takes place in a fully accredited surgery center. For some women from out of state, a one or two night stay in an aftercare facility stay may be recommended if they do not have appropriate aftercare. Dr. Corbin’s staff can also arrange private nursing at your hotel if you wish to be pampered following your breast lift surgery.

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